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Wargasm is a Warhammer wargaming event that focuses on fun and community first.
No this is not a Tournament, and no, there are no prizes for winning.

Warhammer 40000: Lusina the defiant

Saturday October 21 (60 Spaces)

On Saturday, we’re playing our monster campaign battle Lusina the Defiant.  A 60 player campaign set immediately after the Fall of Cadia.  Imperial allied command has deemed that the besieged world of Lusina IV is the new linchpin of the Imperial defence.  It is from here that they intend to counter attack the heart of the Chaos advance.

It is an island in the dark, teetering on the brink of either salvation or damnation.

Fighting across multiple fronts, the campaign will find forces engaging each other on a massive scale over a huge variety of terrain. From the cramped confines of the orbiting Imperial Battle Barge, to the open planes outside of the battered Lusina City.

From an asteroid mining facility to an underground mountain base, launch assaults to and from other battle theaters to assist your allies. Saddle up, it's time for big story action!

Age of Sigmar Campaign: The return to Warp Stone Island

Sunday October 22 (40 Spaces)

Avast ye’ scurvied sea dawg! Take to the high seas and claim yer booty on Warp Stone Island!

On Sunday we navigate monster infested waters, board enemy ships and take the port towns!

Whether you fight to take or hold the vast treasures and precious artifacts, Plunder all you see as you rampage across the Islands.

Fight for artifacts that will allow you to control time, weather and the winds of magic on other parts of the map.  Will ye fight for your side? Or fight fer ye self?

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